How we do it

How we do it

I see each of my clients as individuals so each investment solution should be unique.

Working with my team of specialists, I  have access to a variety of financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning solutions. Because I believe the investment strategy is meant to be clear, concise and simple, I keep the focus on my clients unique needs and tailor the process to what they need specifically. There are no generic solutions.

I believe a relationship is how you really know what the individual’s goals and dreams are and through dialogue we decide on an investment plan to achieve those goals. I want my investment proposals to work for my clients in reality and not just in theory. I believe in taking the time to understand what it is they want to achieve and realistically look at the resources available to make their dreams reality.

My relationship based service approach really is about focusing on my clients as individuals. It isn’t about putting people into one model or strategy. It is about creating an environment of dialogue, education and coaching. It is focused on a mutual trust and understanding of who my clients are and who they want to be.

I think there are many pathways to reach a goal, my focus is on finding the one that will give my clients the greatest probability for success.

Service commitment

I make every effort to answer the phone, be available to meet and promptly and timely respond to inquiries. Together with my Senior Associate, Kadi Murray we work hard together to facilitate an easy and seamless day to day experience for our clients.